Pilotlar uçarken aslında uçağın gövdesini görebilirler.

İsrailli teknoloji şirketi Elbit Systems tarafından bu hafta askeri helikopterler için bir helikopter görüş paketi sunuldu. Pilotlara görüşün düşük olduğu durumlarda gelişmiş görüş sağlamak için artırılmış gerçeklik (AR), makine öğrenimi ve yapay zekayı birleştirir. İşletmeye göre, teknoloji o kadar etkili ki, pilotlar uçarken pratik olarak uçağın içini görebilirler.

The platform is composed of three main parts: a head-mounted display (HMD) for augmented reality (AR), a mission computer with AI, and a variety of sensor systems, including as the Xplore radar and BrightNite multispectral payload, which has day and infrared cameras for thermal vision.

A virtual map of the surrounding environment, including any impediments like powerlines or antennae, is created using these sensors, which are affixed to the plane’s nose. Before being seen on the visor of the company’s X-Sight HMD, this data is passed into the AI-powered mission computer and merged with pre-installed maps and mission data.

An augmented reality (AR) overlay shows crucial information over the virtual map in real-time while pilots navigate their flight path. This covers everything of it, from crucial flight and mission information to potential risks and barriers. Even additional options are available to pilots, including switching between day and night flying, landing pad analysis, collision alarm, obstacle mapping, and more.

Elbit Systems claims that its immersive helicopter vision package will enable pilots to operate more skillfully in challenging weather, thereby enabling them to “own the weather.”

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